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Vegetable tanned leather is considered a raw or naked leather due to the natural and minimal dye process using vegetable based dyes. This process maintains the leathers most natural state and for this reason, the leather can initially feel rigid. Our nude vegetable tanned leather is designed to patina with age, meaning it will soften and darken over time and with wear. Exposure to natural elements such as sunlight, the skins oils and water will enhance the colour of your piece, and daily use is encouraged to increase flexibility in the leather. This process adds character and beauty, making each piece unique.
Any colour variation that develops in the leather is not a fault but an intended feature, and returns will not be accepted as a result of this.
To speed up the colour development process and for cleaning and polishing your new vegetable tanned leather piece, we recommend using an approved vegetable tanned leather balm, spray or oil, taking care to follow the product instructions.
For further advice on how to care for you piece, please contact your local leather goods professional.



As suede is delicate in nature, we recommend care is taken when using our suede goods. When not in use, keep your The Wolf Gang bag in the dust bag provided, away from light and damp areas. We recommend using a suede approved leather protector & water proofer to repel water and help protect against stains caused from regular wear.
A suede brush / eraser is recommended for grooming, and can be used in conjunction with a suede approved shampoo for the treatment of difficult marks and stains. For stubborn stains, please refrain from overworking, as this can cause the colour of the suede to lighten in the treated area. Never rub or brush over the gold foil logo as this will cause the gold foil to lighten or disappear.
Please ensure you read all suede protector/shampoo product instructions before use. The Wolf Gang will not be held accountable for any damage caused from the use of suede protector/shampoo products.



During the dying process, our suedes are treated to ensure they are colourfast, to encourage the dye to adhere to the suede. However, it is common for darker coloured suedes to require excess dye which may then transfer from the suede, particularly if the suede becomes damp. If you are concerned your darker suede bag may have this issue, we recommend testing it for colour transfer before use.
Using a dampened light-coloured cloth, gently wipe the inside of the bag in a small area. If the cloth has picked up any colour, please follow the below instructions to help remove the excess dye –
• Using a dampened cloth, gently wipe over all areas of the bag evenly, including the inside, outside and straps. Please be careful to avoid the gold foil logo area. Repeat if necessary, using a clean cloth.
• Using a hairdryer on a low setting at a distance of approximately 20cm, dry all areas of the bag until excess moisture is removed.
• Spray the inside and outside of your bag with a suede approved leather protector and waterproofer, being careful to follow the product instructions. Allow to dry overnight.
• Avoid exposing your bag to rain or other situations where it may be in contact with water or moisture.
If you have any further concerns, we recommend you take your bag to a trusted leather goods specialist or dry cleaner for further advice.



Our cotton tassel and pompom accessories are hand-crafted and delicate in nature. We recommend care is taken when using them. Avoid rubbing or pulling on the tassels. If you’re a tough lover of your tassel and pompom accessory and it may need some TLC, we recommended using a similar colour cotton and reinforcing the stitch.
To refresh the appearance of your tassel, using a fine-tooth comb or brush, very gently groom the tassels and fluff the pompoms.
To remove dirt and stains, gently cleanse the stain using a small amount of hand soap or similar, being careful to avoid all metal hardware. Rinse and allow to air dry.
Our tassel and pompom accessories are secured to our bags with a detachable clasp. The Wolf Gang will not be held accountable for the loss of your tassel and pompom accessory.



The Wolf Gang’s gold logo is stamped on each bag during production using a specialty gold foil. The appearance of the gold logo can begin to fade with frequent use, heat, humidity or constant rubbing on the logo. To maintain logo longevity, avoid contact with the gold foil area.
Please note this is not a fault but a sign of natural wear and tear, and is designed to add character to your The Wolf Gang product, just as the suede will age and soften with frequent use.
The Wolf Gang will not accept returns on a purchase due to the gold foil logo fading as this is considered wear and tear.