Monthly Muse: Sophie Fisher

Monthly Muse: Sophie Fisher

If you don't know Sophie Fisher, there's a fair chance you do know her viral choc-coated pringles and Rocky Road recipes! With a passion for fitness and cooking, Sophie has gained a cult following on both Instagram and Tiktok, amassing millions of views on her easy to follow, drool worthy @coconutandbliss cooking reels.

We sat down in conversation with Sophie, and spoke all things food, fashion and her ins and outs for 2024.

How did you discover your love for cooking and baking?
I’ve been in the kitchen from a young age - I was definitely inspired by my mum and her love of cooking. When I was 8, I clearly remember spending hours flicking through Donna Hay cookbooks, deciding what cake I’d make on the weekend. I’d also make ravioli from scratch every Friday night after school! Turns out it wasn’t just a phase; my passion for cooking has only grown since then.

Sophie Fisher


What's your favourite recipe?
Spicy salmon wonton cups (baked wonton wrappers with a spicy salmon sashimi and avo filling). They’re the perfect light lunch or starter dish.

Weirdest food combination that you ended up loving?
Melted chocolate and pringles! It just works.

What's your no.1 baking or cooking tip?
Wet your hands before rolling bliss balls or working with cookie dough - it won’t stick to your skin.

Favourite Wolf Gang item?
Tough one… but I’ll have to go with the shell knit dress. It’s pretty unique.

 Sophie wears the Shell Knit Dress in Ink and Canggu Necklace in Lime

How would you describe your style?
Pretty sporadic - I don’t really stick to one style. Sometimes I opt for a super minimalist vibe, sticking to black and white or tonal hues but also love embracing bold colour and patterns, especially in summer. I love fun dresses and jewellery.

What fashion trend would you like to see come back in 2024?

What is your coffee order?
Large decaf almond cappuccino, extra hot (yes, I am one of those painful people).

What are the non-negotiables that are always in your handbag?
Lip plumper, mini Rio de Janero 62 spray, and a comb.

Where is your dream travel destination?
Italy - the food, the architecture and the culture… it’s got it all. I also do have a soft spot for Bali. The vibes are elite.

What are your INs & Outs for 2024?
IN: Listening to your intuition, eating protein with every meal, not caring what other people think;
OUT: Overexercising, accepting the bare minimum, burnout

Sophie Fisher wears The Wolf Gang Shell Knit Dress in Ink

Sophie wears our Shell Knit Dress in Ink, and Canguu Necklace in Lime.

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