Monthly Muse: Mattie Gouman

Monthly Muse: Mattie Gouman

A walking ray of sunshine on Melbourne's city streets, Mattie Gouman not only owns her style, she's known for it. Carefully crafting balanced outfits and curating a wardrobe full of colour, texture and print, Mattie's fit checks, GRWM and style vlogs are what keeps her loyal TikTok followers in constant conversation with her around the clock.

Always genuine, always smiling and always keeping it real; we sat down with Mattie for the March edition of our Monthly Muse series to find out what truly makes her tick.


What is your full name? 
Mattie Gouman

What are you best known for? 
I’m the gal you might catch scrolling through TikTok, sharing my daily dose of colorful outfits. When I'm not busy creating content, I'm busy working away on my small business Two Swim.


Describe yourself in three words? 
Fun, happy and driven.

Where or who do you draw style inspiration from? 
I draw style inspiration from a variety of sources, including fashion magazines, online influencers, street style, and cultural trends. My mum is my biggest inspiration. She worked in the fashion industry and has shown me how to develop my personal style and be confident in yourself. I love fashion and wear lots of colour, taking cues from her expertise and blending them with my own creative ideas to express myself through clothing and accessories.




How and when did you start creating your iconic OOTD videos?
I like to call it a happy accident! While at work one day, I slowly started to share my fun daily outfits online. Little did I know that this would lead me to connect with a wonderful community of fashion lovers. Over the past year, this community has flourished beyond my wildest expectations. It has blown me away with the reach that it has had being able to connect with people all over the world!! I believe fashion is a way of expressing yourself in your truest form and a lovely way to connect with one another and I’m so grateful to have a platform for this. 


What inspired you to create your own brand? 
I studied Fashion for three years, this is were I met my best friend and business partner Zoe but I learnt so much about the industry some I loved and some I hated, in particular the environmental impacts of this industry.

I knew I always wanted to put my creative flare and business brain into something but and both Zoe and I felt that it was important that if we did start something that every aspect of it needed to be conscious from start to finish. I have also grown up as a water baby, I love the water even just being outside and by the beach is one of my favourite things so it was the perfect combination between my two loves in life.




What has the journey looked like so far?
Starting a business is definitely not easy, you learn lots as you go which I think is the best part its always about the adventure not necessarily in a rush for to get to the destination! Plus I’m so lucky I get to go on this wild ride with my best friend and connect with other like-minded small business owner throughout this journey!


What is your go-to recipe? 
My would be lemon linguine pasta, mum use to make it for me and now its one of my favourites to make!


What are your top 3 must-haves in your handbag?
Portable Charger - A MUST, as someone who is on my phone for work you would think I have my phone charged. Perfume and lip gloss!



What is your no. 1 styling tip?
Never forget to add a pair of sunglasses, it protects the eye but also can elevate or spice up any outfit day or night!


Dead or alive, who is your dream coffee date and why? 
David Attenborough I just know this man would have some amazing stories and fabulous life advice. 


What is your favourite piece from the upcoming Selene collection?
Honestly there are too many choices!! My favourite pieces would be the Irida Vest Dress … she’s that good she sold out already and now it’s on pre order!! Run don’t walk.

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