Our Values

As well as offering a functional and versatile wardrobe for the woman who wants to stand out, The Wolf Gang strives to stir the emotion of fashion, to tell a story through rich colours and prints, considered embellishments and specialty fabrics and materials.


At the heart of the creative process is collaboration. We work with hand selected designers, artisans and makers from across the globe, known for their craft and chosen for their attention to detail. From contemporary illustrators in Australia, to artisan crochet weavers in Bali, and delicate beaders and traditional macrame makers in India, each collection is touched by many hands from design to production. Tactile finishes and traditional techniques are favoured over machine made alternatives, as are natural fibres and materials including linen, cotton, ramie, leather and raffia.


A focus on versatility and multi-wear styling ensures each piece can be reinvented and revisted for different occasions and moments, forming the foundation for a wardrobe based on treasured, one of a kind pieces.


Consideration to our carbon footprint is shown through the use of recycled tags, labels, and packing bags, hemp bag linings and dust bags, carefully curated design to reduce over sampling, and a commitment to demand based production.